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Ben Stone founded Micronesica in 1964, when the (then) College of Guam had just become accredited as a 4-year,
degree-granting institution. Micronesica is still relevant and important to the region, as scientists
continue to document the changes taking place here.

A Message from the Editor…

Håfa ådai! 

As the current editor for Micronesica, I want to welcome any and all of you to explore our new site, and search for articles of interest in Micronesica. As we close out our 50th year, we are fully investing ourselves in the digital age with a new look while working our goal to get all of Micronesica’s content online. With the help of the Micronesian Area Research Center (MARC), much of the basic digitization of old print issues has already begun.
I want to encourage scientists working in the region, or with topics of regional relevance, to submit their manuscripts for possible publication in Micronesica. With our continuous, online publication model, you won’t have to wait for the next volume to be printed to get your article published. All submissions are vetted by at least two reviewers, and it is possible to include high-resolution color photos, data sets, and even videos with published articles.
Our article appearance is also evolving, as we are moving to a letter sized page layout, that gives more room for tables and figures per page, as well as simplifying the process of printing a hard copy for those that wish to do so. I welcome any feedback you might have on the new look of our articles as well as the new website. I look forward to guiding Micronesica into the future, while ensuring it’s past is still accessible.
Si Yu'us Ma'åse!
G. Curt Fiedler
Editor 2014-present