Q1: What is Micronesica?
A1: Micronesica is a forum for original research in the fields of archaeology, physical and medical anthropology, anthropological linguistics; systematic and ecological botany and zoology, agricultural sciences, marine sciences, and related disciplines concerned primarily with Micronesia and adjacent Pacific islands. Micronesica is a peer review journal, and publishes as an online-only, open access journal since 2013.

Q2: What kinds of articles are published in Micronesica?
A2: Scientific research reports, notes, review papers, bibliographies, and book reviews in agriculture, anthropology, biology, chemistry, geology, and related fields are accepted on the basis of their originality and their pertinence to Micronesia and the adjacent Pacific areas.  

Q3: How can I get a copy of a published article?
A3: Content from volume 31 (1999) to present day will be available for download here
. Content prior to volume 31 is slated to be added to this website in the coming months as high quality scans of print journals are processed. In the mean time, some old issues of Micronesica may be available as non-searchable pdfs on ISSUU: http://issuu.com/search?q=micronesica

Q4: Where can I get hard copies?
A4: Since 2013, Micronesica is no longer printed on paper, only published digitally. Although there are a few print volumes remaining in storage, please contact the editor if you are seeking a PDF copy of an article that isn’t available online.

Q5: What are the instructions for authors?
A5: See here: http://micronesica.org/instructions-authors 

Q6: Where do I submit a paper for consideration?
A6: Email the editor, G. Curt Fiedler at [email protected]

Q7: What are the page charges and costs associated with publishing in Micronesica.
A7: Page charges are voluntary, and set at $35 per page. However, any contribution is welcome. If you have grant or departmental funds available we urge you to assist us.