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Ben Stone founded Micronesica in 1964, when the (then) College of Guam had just become accredited as a 4-year,
degree-granting institution. Micronesica is still relevant and important to the region, as scientists
continue to document the changes taking place here.

A Message from the Editor…

Covid 19 Impact on Micronesica & Other Updates

The impact of the SARS2 corona virus has slowed our reviewing and editing process, and articles accepted/slated for 2020 are still in late stages of review/revision before upload on the Micronesica site. With coursework moving all-online at the University of Guam, editorial duties had to take a back seat since last Spring. My apologies for the delays and my hearty thanks for those that have provided reviews for our submissions. We hope we can return to a more timely cycle in the coming months.

It is also with great sadness that I share the passing of former Micronesica editor, Dr. Roy T. Tsuda in December, 2020. Dr. Tsuda served many roles at UOG in Guam before his retirement to Hawaii. He was a guiding hand for me when I took over the journal in 2014, often emailing me to just to offer his help. We hope to have an obituary for him in the coming month, focused on his contributions to this region.

We also lost another icon in April, Dr. Jack Randall, retired ichthyologist at the Bishop Museum in Hawaii. Dr. Randall was part of our editorial board and big influence on me as a graduate student at the University of Hawaii. Expect an obituary for him as well in the near future. 

Both men are sorely missed and will forever be a part of Micronesica's legacy.

Si Yu'us Ma'åse!
G. Curt Fiedler
Editor 2014-present